About SOLAL®

SOLAL® specialises in healthy aging. Our health and wellness products don’t merely mask symptoms. Instead, our extensive range is formulated to help you age healthily by addressing the underlying causes of health problems, more naturally.

Our innovative and effective health and wellness products contain best absorbed and most effective forms of nutrients, medicinal herbal extracts, amino acids and omega fats.

SOLAL® is a leading brand within the Ascendis Health Consumer Brand Division. Ascendis is a health care company with strong brands in human, plant and animal health.


Unlike food, you can’t see what’s inside a capsule.

That’s why QualiSafe™ is so important.

QualiSafe™ is unique to SOLAL®, for peace of mind that your family is getting the best quality health and wellness products that money can buy. QualiSafe™ is a 10-step quality checking and auditing process, that ensures stability, composition and strength from raw material selection and testing, to final product quality and effectiveness. QualiSafe™ ensures that it is what’s inside the capsule that sets us apart.

Qualisafe logo

Pharmacological screening of ingredients to ensure effective products

Supplier approval based on a strict vendor approval process

Identification tests performed on all raw materials on delivery

Heavy metals and microbial verification

All products are manufactured in licensed pharmaceutical facilities, under cGMP

Pharmacist supervision during every step of the manufacturing process

Stability testing to ensure freshness throughout shelf life

Including fillers, additives or bulking agents

Avoidance of animal-derived material whenever possible
(e.g. vegetarian capsule shell, not cow or pig gelatin)

Every batch of raw material can be traced to each individual final product

It’s what’s inside that sets us apart.


1. Health and Wellness Supplements

Prescribed by Doctors • Recommended by Pharmacists®

SOLAL® has an extensive range of almost 100 nutraceutical supplements to help promote healthy aging. SOLAL® products are formulated using cutting-edge scientific evidence and medical research. They contain optimal doses of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (omegas), sophisticated antioxidants, herbal extracts and amino acids. SOLAL® strives to use branded raw materials supported by clinical trials to ensure effectiveness. Vitamin products contain bioidentical, natural forms of vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals, which are the best absorbed and most effective forms possible.

2. Functional Foods™

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates, father of medicine

SOLAL® Functional food is food or dietary components that provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. SOLAL® Functional Foods™ range includes FeelFull™ Oil, 24-in-1™ SuperFruit & Vegetable Drink and sugar-free sweeteners such as Stevia Sweet™ and Naturally Sweet™.

3. Skincare

The Science of Healthy Skin™

SOLAL® skincare products include state-of-the-art healthy aging and skin-regenerative facial creams (topicals). SOLAL® skincare products offer more than merely a superficial cosmetic effect, because they address the underlying causes of skin aging, regenerating the structural skin collagen matrix, resulting in a more youthful and healthier skin.


The SOLAL® range is unique: Many of our products are not available through any competitor brand. Independent research conducted in 2011 shows that the SOLAL® brand is widely prescribed by medical doctors and recommended by pharmacists. SOLAL® products are manufactured using effective doses of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, active nutritional ingredients and plant extracts, sourced from trusted raw material suppliers. Every batch of raw material is tested to ensure quality, purity and consistency. All of our health and wellness supplements are manufactured in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed facilities and developed using the latest scientific evidence available. SOLAL® is able to provide medical research to back up any claims that are made.

OUR FOCUS – To be the leaders in healthy aging.

R&D TEAM – Products are researched and developed by a team of pharmacists and doctors, headed by Brent Murphy [B.Pharm (Rhodes), MPS], a specialist in the research and development of complementary medicines and dietary supplements (nutraceuticals). Brent was awarded the Discovery Health Institute’s award for Clinical Excellence in 2007.

INTEGRATIVE SOLUTIONS – SOLAL® liaises with various health professionals, and our products integrate with conventional medicine to offer more effective and complete outcomes that complement conventional treatments and support a healthy aging lifestyle.

PROFESSIONAL CREDIBILITY – SOLAL® products are prescribed by physicians and doctors, recommended by pharmacists, and have become the gold standard in health and wellness supplements.

INGREDIENTS – Most absorbable (bioavailable) and effective forms of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

FORMULATIONS – Formulated by doctors and pharmacists – scientifically-based, providing effective combinations and ratios of each component, as well as clinically proven, patented ingredients contained in the SOLAL® Patented Premium product range.

STRENGTH (Potency) – Contains optimal and scientifically-proven doses.

cGMP – All health and wellness supplements are manufactured in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed facilities. cGMP is the part of quality assurance that ensures that products are manufactured and controlled according to consistent quality standards that are appropriate for their intended use.

EXTRACTS – Extracts are used, which are concentrated to be many times more potent than ordinary herbal powders.

BIOIDENTICAL VITAMINS – SOLAL® products contain bioidentical forms of vitamins. Bioidentical vitamins are the active forms of vitamins as they occur in the human body.

CAPSULES – Over 95% of SOLAL® capsules are of vegetable, not animal origin.