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The Compounding Pharmacy of SA

Compounding excellence – where experience counts

For over 8 years we have specialised in the formulation of medicines that are not commercially available. Through the process we have developed a dedicated team with vast experience in creating customised medications that meet the doctor’s exact specifications. This allows the doctor to prescribe patient individualised medicine to treat rare conditions and to adapt the dose to blood/ saliva results or the needs of the patient.

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State-of-the-art compounding

With 4 pharmacists and our well trained support team we bring many years of combined compounding experience to the formulation of each compound. Over the years we have been able to draw on the best compounding experience around the world to develop an array of very effective bases to deliver different medicines in pharmaceutically elegant formulations. An example would be our ability to compound pluronic lecithin organogel (PLO) a specialised base that allows superior transdermal absorption of many medicines. PLO requires state-of–the-art equipment to generate the micelles within the base that are used to drive the active ingredients through the stratum corneum of the skin into the body.

Quality – the cornerstone of good medicine

In a continuous effort to ensure we provide compounds of the highest quality we have instituted the following quality assurance procedures:

  • Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients from approved suppliers are accepted. On receipt these ingredients are tested to ensure correct identification, with high volume compounds undergoing stability testing to ensure they remain stable over their expected shelf life. This also includes testing for any microbial contamination. All hormones are assayed by HPLC against the certificate of analysis. Any ingredient not meeting these strict guidelines is rejected ensuring only the best products are consistently use.
  • The Compounding Pharmacy follows good compounding guidelines which include careful supervision and monitoring of the compounding process by pharmacists with every step of the process documented to ensure accuracy.


Bioidentical hormones – the safer alternative

We only use bioidentical hormones in our hormone replacement formulations. Bioidentical hormones have the identical structure to those found naturally in the body. Research supports a superior risk profile when compared to synthetic hormones not naturally found in humans.

The Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa prides themselves in consistently combining their passion and experience to produce compounds which both doctor and patient can trust.